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About Us

Kenya Lee CEO and founder of Faith In Girls now embraces a program to share the knowledge and wisdom that she has gained during her lifetime:
An online workshop experience conveyed during
one-month sessions for 4 committed individuals.


Faith In Girls encourages the development of life coping skills, financial preparation and education for the purpose of maintaining permanent housing opportunities for any woman desiring to do so without possessing the traditional qualification ability. FIG engages in communication techniques and creative activities that provide insight into strategies to create safe, healthy communities.

FIG believes obtaining self awareness, worth and esteem provides an unlimited potential for success in women desiring self-sustainability. It is our view that the inner being guides and directs the outward appearance and path in life. Educating women everywhere to acknowledge emotional wellbeing as a priority and the key to happiness. We strive to provide women with the awareness that they can produce the fruit of life just as the tree of life produces the Fig.

The fig tree not only bears fruit without visible blossoms, but it begins to form its first crop of figs before the leaves appear which reminds  a woman that becoming empowered  begins within before the realization of how precious she is and what gifts she possesses.

Our Mission
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